Suspended Gardens

Fall Semester 2011
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
At the site of Pruitt-Igoe, St. Lois, MO
Rhinoceros, AutoCad, Illustrator, Photoshop
This project was a part of semester long series of research and design studies for translating natural and artificial patterns into the landscape architecture, which was my first experience using Rhinoceros for creating complex forms.

The design is located at former Pruitt-Igoe site in St. Louis, the famous site of “Death of Architecture”. After demolition of the buildings many other plans for the site failed. Because of its well-known historic background, this design aimed to retouch and heal the unspoken feelings of the visitors instead of reprogramming and redirecting users’ lives as done in the past. The design tried to created a wonderland of unexpected scenes and experiences by making a contradiction with suspension in structures-evolution from past.

The landscape units of this design are individual suspended gardens, designed in different levels and interwoven together with different function and aesthetic purposes. The units are physically connected along five rows however most of the experience lies in
the visual connectivity.

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