Cultural Landscapes of Orchha

Spring Semester 2012
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Orchha Village, India
AutoCad, Illustrator, Photoshop
This project was a part of a semester long teamwork project of urban design workshop, with landscape planning and design proposals for conserving Orchha’s natural, cultural and archaeological heritages. Orchha is located in Madhya Pradesh, India with an important cultural and landscape heritage since it served as the capital of the Bundelas from 1531-1783 CE, Orchha’s heritage is under threat from new development, degradation of historic sites, and loss of collective memory. This design workshop tried to propose solutions for urban management, urban planning and urban preservation.
Traffic of Orchha town is spread across a vast landscape, however, it is concentrated on the western side of the Historic Fort. Thus, the traffic management proposal focused on five different flows of animals, pedestrians, light, moderate and heavy traffics. Since all these flows have access to all of the town’s pathways, this has caused traffic congestion problems.
The traffic management proposal suggests four pedestrian-only zones for the main intersections of the town, Moreover, based on the five traffic typologies, different roads and pathways are proposed.

In Orchha, the lack of urban infrastructures, facilities and furniture is visibly present and also the existing infrastructure is not managed and developed properly. Thus this traffic management proposal, addressed these issues as well. Some of the existing facilities are proposed to be further developed and expanded, while a proper site was proposed for others.
This design also focused on one of the historic gardens of the town and proposed its preservation and development as an tourist destination.

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