Waves of Domination

Spring Semester 2013
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Spurlock museum block, Urbana, IL
Rhinoceros, AutoCad, Illustrator, Photoshop
The site design is a dialogue between the public open spaces and structures of the site and its surroundings. Based on this concept, the buildings play the role of dominant and via the force of the dominant axis, the site design plays the role of dominated. Users of the landscape, experience the connection between these two.
The concept of the design sees the environment as a surface of clear water and each of the dominant buildings are a drop of ink in it. Each axis exerts a pulling force to this surface. Such drops then make wave shapes on the context of the environment which form the geometry of the site design.
The waves of geometry each play different roles in the landscape. As the patterns on the floor, street, sitting spaces, lighting features, rows of vegetations, landscape terraces, panels of information and frames of the views.

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