Studio Concept

Spring Semester 2013
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Work stations of dentists, doctors, designers
AutoCad, Illustrator, Photoshop
In three separate projects this design workshop tries to explore importance of different concepts in design process.
In project one, which is presented here, the concept of “flamingo” was chosen for designing a chair and project named “Comfort on One Leg”.
“Flamingo Dream” chair is designed specifically for doctors, dentists and designers who need a light and easy-to-move piece of furniture in their work stations. It is elevated more than regular chairs since most of the users prefer to have full top control on the objects they are working on.
The concept of this design is influenced by the form of “flamingo” bird, thus, it uses the significant formal characteristics of this animal which include a long neck and long feet in addition of the curvaceous form of the body.
The suggested materials for this piece are leather or other washable fabrics for three soft pieces of head/neck rest, back/arm rest and the seat and could be provided in varieties of colors. They are connected with tube of iron, covered by plastic which can be adjustable for adjusting the height of seat and height of head/neck-rest.

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