Master of Landscape Architecture
2014 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

Master of Architectural History
2013 | University of Virginia (UVA)

Bachelor of Architecture Design
2009 | Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Design-Related Experiences

Part-time Architect | PoyaZist Co., Tehran, Iran
July 2003 – July 2009 | Designed interiors of marine spaces; Drafted designs; Photographed designed spaces; Conducted project-based landscape architecture researches and drawings.

Researcher | Housing Foundation, Tehran, Iran
Academic Year 2005-2006 | Conducted researches, drawings, developed typology and proposals for on vernacular residential architecture of northern Iran under the supervision of IUST Prof. Abbas Tarkashvand.

Intern | Housing Investment Company, Isfahan, Iran
Summer 2005 | Designed residential landscape; Drafted architectural designs of housing complex in Isfahan, Iran.



July 2013 | “The Gap”, Honor of Sportlight by Aminus3 Photography Website (

Architectural Photo Exhibition

April 2007 & April 2008 | Sponsored by IUST Architectural Students Forum

Design Academic Experiences

Graduate Teaching Assistant | UIUC Department of Landscape Architecture

Fall Semester 2013 | Assisting in Environmental Sustainability by Prof. William Sullivan | Lectures and Discussion sessions for undergraduate students | Grading; Preparing course materials; Assisting students in their research assignments.

Spring Semester 2013 | Lectured and Assisted in Islamic Landscape Architecture course teaching by Prof. D. F Ruggles | Lectured for undergraduate students | Lecturing; Grading; Preparing course materials; Assisting students in their research assignments.

Fall Semester 2012 | Assisted in Landscape Site Engineering course thought by Prof. Jinki Kim | Assisted in design workshop for graduate & undergraduate students | Graded; Prepared course materials; Assisted students in their designs and assignments.

Research Assistant | IUST Department of Architecture

Summer 2008 | With Prof. Karim Mardomi, on the project “Importance of History and Representation in the Learning Process of Students of Architectural”.

Academic Year 2007-2008 | With Prof. Mohsen Faizi, on the projects “Architectural Analysis and Criticism of Persian Contemporary Spaces” and “Effective Ingredients in Architectural Design (Necessities for Freshman Architectural Students)”.

Teaching Assistant | IUST Department of Architecture

Spring Semester 2005 & Spring Semester 2006 | Assisted in Basic Architectural Design Studio II course thought by Dean Prof. Mohsen Faizi | Design workshop for undergraduate students | Designed syllabus; Lectured; Graded; Prepared course materials; Assisted in students researches and designs.

Other Academic Experiences

Persian Language Tutor | UIUC
August 2013 – Present | Tutored students without any language background.

Persian Language Instructor | UIUC Department of Foreign Languages
Spring Semester 2012 – May 2013 | Instructed different levels of Persian language courses including elementary, intermediate and advances | Lectured for undergraduate students | Obligated for complete teaching responsibilities.

Book Coauthor and Layout Designer
July 2010 – Present | Joint with Prof. Pardis Minuchehrfor on the textbook of “Persian in Action”, for Persian language learners.

Graduate Library Assistant | University of Virginia Fine arts Library.
August 2009 – May 2011 | Post processed and e-cataloged the architectural images.

Persian Language Tutor | UVA
February 2010 – May 2011 | Tutored students without any language background.


Freelance Choreographer and Performer | March 2011 – Present

Played in “Play of Antichrist”, April 2013
Choreographed and performed in the dance of “Dilemma”, March 2013
Choreographed and performed in the solo dance of “Toward the Peace”

Freelance Vocalist | August 2000 – Present

Experiences in musics of Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions as the member of “UIUC Balkanalia” & “Eastern Voices” ensembles
Several experiences as the solo vocalist of traditional Persian music

Professional Membership
American Society of Landscape Architecture

August 2011 – Present | Student Member

Historians of Islamic Art Association

January 2010 – Present | Student Member

Society of Architectural Historians

August 2011 – Present | UIUC Student Chapter Member
August 2009 – May 2011| UVA Student Chapter Member